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The agency "die agenten" was established in 1996 in Hamburg by managing directors Marie-Luise Schmidt and Beate Wolgast.

Marie-Luise Schmidt had 13 years experience as a politician (as a managing director and Member of Parliament in the Bundestag for the party "Die Grünen") before she became an editor at the television station Premiere. One of the many programs that Marie-Luise Schmidt established during her time at Premiere was "0137", which gave rise to Roger Willemsen, one of the best talkmasters in Germany. Marie-Luise Schmidt completed a one-year training at Bertelsmanns producers program followed by a two-year stint as Junior Producer at Grundy-UFA.

Beate Wolgast studied communication science and worked in advertising as a copywriter for two years.
She then worked at the television station Premiere, where she worked for two years, she was an editor for the program "0137" and chief editor for the Premiere movie magazine. Her last stop before forming "die agenten" was at a Berlin Prada Top Handle Bags Replica production company as editor and producer of a weekly magazine.

Right from the start, the goal of "die agenten" was to create a select, exclusive pool of artists and maintain an individual and personalized relationship with each of them. The greatest emphasis is put on the uniqueness of each client. "Unmistakable faces and distinctive directors" - the motto of "die agenten".

The staff of "die agenten" presently consists of Marie-Luise Schmidt, Beate Wolgast, Rena Ziehnert, Britta von Gehlen, Nadine Schopf and Selma Nielsen.


Marie-Luise Schmidt
Beate Wolgast
Britta von Gehlen
Selma Nielsen
Nadine Schopf
Rena Ziehnert


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